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Created three years ago with a couple of transplants from the southeast playing the regional music they love, the Whisky Pills Fiasco have grown into an uniquely versatile, high energy show that pleases crowds wherever they play. At back yards B.B.Q.’s, neon lit bars or outside festivals, this band is equally at home and always gets the party started.

The Whisky Pills Fiasco play a hi-octane variety of originals and covers that take you on a back-roads joyride thru Rockabilly, Surf, Country, Americana, Swing and anything in between.

“You guys are like Barack o Billy… Rockabilly for modern times”
-Homeless man after a show

“Its the difference between steak and hamburger. These guys are not steak, but sometimes all you wants is a nice greasy hamburger.”

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* Losers Boozers and Lonely Hearts